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Jackson Purchase Medical Associates

Winning Awards for Excellent Customer Care

JPMA is one of 11 Healthcare Organizations in Kentucky to be named as Health IT Fellow for superior work in improved patient care through the use of Health Information Technology.

2013 E-Health Summit Press Release

Jackson Purchase Medical Associates was formed in 1992 by a group of physicians in Paducah KY and now represents four distinct medical groups all sharing the same mission and the same desire to provide high quality medical care.

Jackson Purchase Medical Associates consist of:

By 2004, JPMA developed a vision of growing into a more dynamic, multi-specialty group, one that:

  • Operated more efficiently
  • Would become a leading competitor for performance (not volume) based contracts
  • Expanded is IT investment and improved its capabilities for better outcomes

However, JPMA’s paper chart system stood in the way of these goals. With 29,000 charts on-site, the paper system had become too cumbersome to manage and the group simply could not access the data it needed when it needed it. Paper-based processes also increased overhead across all four medical groups, creating operational inefficiencies for completing prescription refills and other day-to-day clinical tasks, and inflating medical records and transcription costs.

Group leadership knew that, to best provide high quality care and protect patient safety, physicians needed instant, real-time access to critical patient information, such as medication lists and allergies, and the ability to immediately document patient encounters, even a phone call that happened at night or on the weekend. Over the next four years, JPMA invested over one million dollars to implement a secure system-wide electronic health record that would give its providers “anywhere/anytime” access to the groups patient records.

Today, JPMA has eliminated the paper patient chart, and most other paper from its practice.  Every provider enters clinical data into the EMR using point-and-click Note or Medcin templates or Dragon voice recognition software. Wireless tablets give them full access to the EHR whether they’re at home, at the hospital or at another JPMA clinic. As a result of the incredibly successful transformation of the practice, Allscripts, a nationally leading EMR vendor, nominated JPMA for the prestigious Davies Award.

During 2011, JPMA was named as one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky.   The award was given by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky SHRM Council and Best Companies Group.

In April of 2012, JPMA was selected as one of only twenty seven practices in the US to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (Shared Savings Program) Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a multifaceted new program sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Under this pioneer style program, JPMA reached an agreement with Medicare to take responsibility for the quality of care furnished to individual beneficiaries in return for the opportunity to share in any savings with the Medicare program for improved care.

As part of the transformation to a Patient Centered Medical home (PCMH), JPMA, in August of 2012, JPMA formed its first ever Patient Advisory Council.  Composed of a cross section of patients from across the network this council meets quarterly to advise JPMA on its performance improvement activities in order to align those activities with the overarching goals of assuring that patients receive care at all JPMA offices in a safe, efficient, effective, patient centered and cost effective manner while the dignity of patients and their families is preserved at all times.  Because of these patients’ invaluable contributions, energy, insights and unique perspective, they ensure that we keep true to our mission . . . and remain truly guided by the needs of all of our patients.

In the spring of 2013, JPMA was selected by the Kentucky Governor’s Office of Electronic health Information as an early adopter of the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE).  Through the KHIE Connection, participating providers can electronically exchange key clinical information with other participating providers, thereby improving continuity of care. On a broader scale, connecting to the KHIE will allow public health agencies to exchange disease surveillance data and reportable lab results. This will enhance tracking of public health trends such as flu epidemics and health disparities. Once this data is captured, analyzed and shared, it will help clarify which interventions lead to better health outcomes and which areas need significant improvement.